UMHEF Homecoming: Virtual Celebration

Did you miss the UMHEF Homecoming held on October 27? It’s not too late to catch up on the fun and add your support for United Methodist students!

We invite you to browse some exciting and inspiring messages from UMHEF scholars, spotlights on a few of our many United Methodist-related schools, and hear from some of our partners about why the work of UMHEF is so important. Join the community and celebrate with us!


The grand vision of UMHEF is to make it financially possible for qualified students to attend United Methodist-related schools. The Foundation awards more than $2.3 million in scholarships every year to more than 1,000 students attending UM-related colleges, universities, and seminaries. This amazing ministry is not possible without the generous support of our community of donors. We hope you will be inspired to give and make a real difference in the lives of students that will impact their lives as well as our communities and churches for generations to come!

Keynote Presentation by the Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Kuan

The UMHEF Homecoming was highlighted by the inclusion of a special keynote address by the Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Kuan, President of Claremont School of Theology. Dr. Kuan spoke on The Legacy of Methodist Higher Education: Looking Back and Looking Forward. You can watch the keynote in its entirety, including an introduction by California-Nevada Conference Bishop and former UMHEF trustee Minerva G. Carcano, as well as a message from UMHEF President and CEO Bob Fletcher.

Meet Some of our UMHEF Scholars!

Learn About UMHEF Scholarships

UMHEF awards scholarships to more than 1,000 students every year. Most scholarships fall into one of our two main programs.

UM Dollars for Scholars

UM Dollars for Scholars Program

The UM Dollars for Scholars program offers scholarships of up to $4,000 that begin with $1,000 from the student’s local church which is matched by UMHEF, participating UM Conference Foundations, and participating UM-related schools. Every year, this program awards more than $1.5 million! Learn more about the UMDFS program here.

General Named Endowed Program

General Named Endowed Scholarships Program

The other main UMHEF scholarship program is the General Named Endowed program. Every year, this program awards more than $578,000 from named funds established by various donors. Unlike the UMDFS program, these awards do not require any funds from a student’s local church. Learn more about the General Named Endowed program here.

Hear from UMHEF Alumni & Trustees

Did you know that the UMHEF Board of Trustees is comprised of not only clergy and higher education leaders, but also several former UMHEF scholarship recipients? The following individuals share about what their scholarship meant to them and why they give back.

Spotlights on United Methodist Schools

UMHEF supports students attending more than 115 schools recognized as being related to The United Methodist Church, including 13 seminaries. We invite you to learn about a few of these schools below: United Theological Seminary, Central Methodist University, and Saint Paul School of Theology. While a video is not included below, we also celebrate Wiley College as one of the many Historically Black Colleges and Universities whose students UMHEF supports.

Inspired to Give & Giving Thanks

As the UMHEF Homecoming celebration wrapped up on October 27, we shared an exciting wrap-up message. Just like that message says in the video below, it is our hope and prayer that after viewing the above videos from UMHEF scholars, schools, and trustees, you are inspired by all the wonderful things made possible by the generosity of the UMHEF community! It’s not too late to add your support to this ongoing vision to make it financially possible for qualified United Methodist students to attend UM-related schools of higher education. YOUR support is needed and makes a real difference. GIVE TODAY!

And, finally, here is a special message of thanks from UMHEF President and CEO, Bob Fletcher.

This event was made possible in part by generous support from the following sponsors. We are grateful for their partnership!