United Methodist Churches may partner with UMHEF through the UM Dollars for Scholars program. This scholarship award begins with $1,000 from a student’s UM church, is matched by UMHEF for a total of $2,000, and maybe matched by participating UM conference foundations as well as participating schools for a possible total of up to $4,000.

Please Note:

  • Churches who give to UMHEF through the UMDFS program can rest assured all funds go directly to the student’s school for tuition, room and board, or other educational expenses.
  • The initial $1,000 to begin a student’s UMDFS award must be received on a church check made out to UMHEF and accompany the confirmation form with the student’s information.
  • A student’s UMDFS application will not be processed as complete until the church check is received. The deadline for completed applications is March 1; some exceptions apply.

Churches with questions about giving through the UMDFS program may contact UMHEF Scholarship Administrator Jamie Cook at 615-649-3974 or by email.