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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have 119 UM-related schools. See schools section.

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No. All applicants will be communicated with via postal mail to let them know the final outcome.

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It depends on the individual scholarship and school type, but the majority of our scholarships have a deadline of March 1st annually. You should typically be notified by May 1st. If you do not receive a scholarship but applied, we will contact you via email and postal letter.

All scholarships are paid directly to the school and are for tuition, room and board.

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For the majority of our scholarships, you need to attend one of our UM-related institutions.

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Some schools have direct scholarships that you will need to go directly through them, but we list them on our website.

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No. We have 3 basic applications (General Named Endowed, UM Dollars for Scholars, and UMLS) and while you can apply for all of them, in the end you can only receive one. We will do our best to find one for eligible students that turn their COMPLETE applications in before the deadline. If you are eligible for multiple scholarships, WE WILL GIVE YOU THE HIGHEST VALUE SCHOLARSHIP THAT YOU QUALIFY FOR.

Check out our video that summarizes our main program, who's eligible and the main steps in the processes: SCHOLARSHIP OVERVIEW VIDEO

Yes, but you can only receive ONE AWARD from the Foundation per year. So you can apply to both, and we will award you with the higher award. We'll return the $1,000 church check to the church if you applied for UM Dollars for Scholars, and determined the General Named Endowed Program would give you more scholarship. We want you to get the most support available!

See the Participant Guide or the UM Dollars For Scholars application for a complete list.

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