Your Support Helps to Continue John Wesley's Legacy

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Second only to John Wesley’s passion for taking the gospel to all the world was his passion for all to be educated. He believed education was key in bringing the masses to Christianity.

Your gift to the United Methodist Higher Education Foundation (UMHEF) continues to build on Wesley’s passion by providing scholarships for United Methodist (UM) students. When you give, you help make it financially possible for UM students to develop into future leaders who will guide new believers and direct the way for tomorrow’s churches and communities.

Wesley’s passion for educating the poor was very personal. You see, scholarship gifts were what made it possible for Wesley himself to attend school. His education and work led to the start of the Methodist movement that, in turn, created new denominations, thousands of churches, numerous schools, universities and seminaries, and brought countless people to Christ. Those who supported his education had no way of knowing the impact that would be made when they responded to God’s call to give. God still uses our gifts today. Your donation can also make a significant difference in the lives of UM students.

Won’t you follow in Wesley’s passionate footsteps by giving the gift of scholarship today?

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