Will you help us accept The Kerr Foundation challenge?

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This spring over 300 UMHEF scholarship recipients are graduating!

Gifts from donors like you have kept these graduates connected to the UMC by providing scholarships to attend UM-related schools, colleges & seminaries. However, many UM students are entering and continuing school in the fall. Your support will educate future church and community leaders.

The Kerr Foundation, a longtime UMHEF scholarship supporter, has issued a very special challenge grant to us and our donors.  The challenge is to raise $20,000 between now and August 30, 2016.  If the goal is reached, The Kerr Foundation will donate $10,000 to UMHEF to provide more scholarship funding for UM students.  

By saying YES to The Kerr Foundation Challenge today your gift will go further...Your gift today will have a greater impact tomorrow.

Will you accept the challenge and give today? Yes!

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